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Slater and Gordon, Australia`s largest consumer law firm, has been in the news lately due to discussions around their enterprise agreement. The agreement is between the law firm and its employees and outlines the terms and conditions of employment.

Recently, Slater and Gordon proposed changes to the enterprise agreement that have caused concern among employees. The changes would result in a reduction in working conditions and a decrease in pay for some staff.

The proposed changes have caused some employees to speak out and express their dissatisfaction with the negotiations. In response, the Australian Services Union has launched a campaign against the proposed changes.

Slater and Gordon have defended the proposed changes, stating that they are necessary to remain competitive in the legal market. The law firm has also stated that they have consulted with employees throughout the negotiation process.

The enterprise agreement is an important document that protects the rights of employees and ensures that they are treated fairly by their employer. It is crucial that negotiations around the agreement are conducted in good faith and with respect for the employees` rights.

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