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As a copy editor or content creator, you`ve probably come across the need to emphasize agreement between parties in an article or blog post. There are several ways to do this, but one method that`s often overlooked is the use of o words. These words have the power to show unity, agreement, and consensus in your writing, making your content more compelling and effective.

Here are some o words for agreement that you can use in your writing:

1. Okay

This is a classic word that is often used to show agreement in conversations. But it can also be used in writing to show that two parties have come to an understanding. For instance, „Okay, we`ve agreed on the terms of the contract”.

2. Okey-dokey

An informal variation of okay, this word is more playful and can be used to show agreement in a light-hearted manner.

3. Absolutely

This is a strong word that conveys total agreement. It`s a great option to emphasize the extent of the agreement reached between parties.

4. Indeed

This word is often used in academic writing to show support for a particular argument or statement. It can also be used to show agreement in more informal writing.

5. Oath

An oath is a solemn promise, and using this word in your writing can convey the seriousness of the agreement reached. For example, „We took an oath to always work together and support each other”.

6. On board

This phrase is often used in business and informal settings to show agreement or support for an idea. It can be used as a standalone phrase or in a sentence such as „I`m on board with the proposed changes”.

7. On the same page

This is another common phrase used in both informal and formal settings to show agreement. It means that both parties are in agreement and are working towards the same goal.

8. Okayed

This is a stronger variation of okay and shows that a decision has been fully approved. For example, „The proposal has been okayed by the board”.

9. Oh, absolutely

Adding „oh” before absolutely can make the word stronger and can be used to emphasize the intensity of the agreement. It`s a great option for passionate writing.

In conclusion, using o words for agreement can add emphasis and impact to your writing. The words listed above are just a few of the many options available, and they can be used in various contexts to show unity and consensus. As always, it`s important to use these words appropriately and effectively to convey the message you want to get across.